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Founded in 1993, INDEV REAL ESTATE is a family-owned and independent real estate investment company based in France, the United States and Poland.


Our activity is composed of residential investment and commercial investment. We implement strategies for the acquisition and the revalorization of real estate assets.

In each country where we are established, we strive to cultivate a dual, real estate and financial culture. We rehabilitate the assets and we internalize their management. On site, we surround ourselves with a solid network of local partners covering all fields related to real estate transactions (bankers, lawyers, architects, etc.).


Creation of a subsidiary in New York, focused on the acquisition of residential assets (multi-family buildings). A team integrating sales and management is formed as well as a solid network of partners.


Creation of a subsidiary in Poland, focused on the acquisition and rehabilitation of residential buildings.



Creation of the structure in Paris with the first real estate investment in the Paris metropolitan area. The management is then ensured by Mr. Ralph HERTZOG, property manager.


Samy HERTZOG joins the company and develops the commercial investment activity with the acquisition of new buildings. The sales team and the network of partners grow. 


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